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Physical Therapy Plus - Henry County was founded in 2005 by Phil Herrell, David Boyce, and Marcia Boyce. We are a locally owned practice (not a large corporate practice) that has provided physical therapy services for over 12 years to the people of Henry County. We strive to give our patients a personal “hometown” experience that is friendly, comfortable, and professional. We take great care to design and develop personalized exercise programs for each patient, and provide skilled hands-on physical therapy.

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  • physical therapy Eminence KY Arm and Leg Pain
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Physical Therapy Eminence KY
Physical Therapy Eminence KY

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a hands-on treatment by clinicians to treat muscle aches, joint pain, and limited range of motion.

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Physical Therapy Eminence KY
Physical Therapy Eminence

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a safe, effective and efficient treatment used to relax myofascial trigger points, and restore normal muscle tones, muscle length, coordination, function and strength.

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Physical Therapy Eminence
Physical Therapy Eminence KY

Fall Prevention

The good news is that there clinically proven ways to prevent most falls and we can help. The good news is that there clinically proven ways to prevent most falls and we can help.

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Physical Therapy Eminence KY

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  • Lisa B.

    Thank you for being the Best Physical Therapy Team in the world.
  • Kathy H.

    It's been a long hard 3 years but I made it!!! I just want to thank Physical Therapy Plus and all their staff. I love you all!!
  • Stacey R.

    Physical Therapy Plus has an Awesome team of people.
  • Casey W.

    PT Plus got me pitching again, Thanks."

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